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Hurricane Boats


If you’re looking at deck boats, there’s probably one thing going through your mind above anything else. That’s versatility. Because you want to be able to know that your boat will always be ready for whatever activity you and your family have in mind on any given day. Because on any given day, you know you might just start out fishing (half of all Hurricanes have optional fishing packages), which may lead to tubing and wakeboarding, and that the day could very well end with a sunset cruise. And because we don’t always know what the day may bring, it’s a good idea to buy a boat that’s up for anything. As the most versatile boat on the water since 1974, Hurricane Deck Boats are built for family fun and all-around value. And with more seating, storage and style than any other deck boat around, a Hurricane is always ready for action. So go ahead. Bring the whole crew.


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