?? York Rakes


What Makes York Products Better?

  • Spring steel rake heads are stronger, resist bending and have greater flexibility, critical attributes to performance & durability.

  • Heat treated alloy steel rake teeth wear better and resist bending or breaking. York’s own proprietary, in house process for forging rake teeth insures quality in our landscape equipment.

  • Easy maintenance allows you to change individual rake teeth without dismantling all or part of rake. Remove the bolt holding the tooth you want to replace, loosen a couple of bolts to either side of it, pull out the old and insert the new. Replace and retighten the bolts.

  • Reduced set up time . All of our rake sections are shipped fully assembled, not in pieces requiring field assembly.

  • Heavier frames and rakes , built to last a lifetime. Stronger also means they can handle optional attachments, eliminating the need for additional pieces of equipment on the job site.

  • Add optional attachments , grader blade and scarifier to a York Rake. Replace your other rake, rear blade, spring tooth harrow and box scraper with a single unit. A fully equipped York Rake is like a Swiss Army Knife for landscaping, the most versatile landscaping tool on the market.

  • More models . products designed to fit your application. 4’ TA1 right up to the 12’ HT. We have a rake to fit just about anything, from garden tractors to SUVs to ATVs.