2012 Shindaiwa M242

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Carthage, NY

Shindaiwa's Multi-Tool System is built for the commercial user looking for maximum versatility from a single tool. Its simple interlocking connection allows a single power source to be used with up to seven different attachments, ensuring you have the right tool to accomplish the task at hand. Available in either 2-stroke or Hybrid 4™, the Multi-Tool is a great economical alternative to dedicated units.

You Can add these Multi-Tool Attachments

Trimmer Attachment 65001 89.99

Tiller/Cultivator Attachment 78704 199.99

Articulated Hedge Trimmer 65003 269.99

Mid-Reach Articulated Hedge Trimmer 78703 239.99

Pole Pruner Attachment 65002 199.99

Mid-Reach Pole Pruner Attachment 78702 179.99

Lawn Edger Attachment 65010 109.99

Power Broom Attachment 80264 299.99


Displacement 23.9 cc
Fuel Capacity 23.3 fl. oz.
Dry Weight 9.8 lbs.



  • 23.9cc Commercial Grade Engine
  • Accommodates Seven Attachments
  • Quick-change Coupler

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2012 Shindaiwa M242

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